So long Jimmy…


…legs, that is.

Akathisia makes me feel like the yarn is unspooling rapidly… hence my mouth following suit. I’ll hem and haw about what may or may not make me feel better. Often, I’ll just let the stream-of-consciousness run it’s course. So, if I say something like, oh… let’s say “Opiates would make this better”? Well, they may or may not… but that’s not the course of action I took. I can’t remember the last time I did pop a pill like that.

However, I have to be careful about even mentioning those kinds of things. Not so much out of concern for myself… although that does come into play. What I don’t want anyone taking away from the way I live my life is an endorsement to behave likewise. Hey, I love Coke-A-Cola. A lot. Still, I’m not suggesting anyone else drinks it for their health… especially in the quantities that I have been known to indulge in. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would want to follow too many of my examples. See them as lessons, yes.

So… no, I did not use pills or booze to alleviate my discomfort. Actually, I will have three years alcohol free here come June.

I tend to speak in explosive terms… but if that manner of communication becomes misleading, or as I mentioned, a seeming endorsement of nefarious behavior, well… then that’s a problem.

Oh well… I’ve got a head cold to deal with today, and I’m going to take some over-the-counter medicine… as prescribed… and I’m going to keep in mind that when something doesn’t feel good, that’s no excuse to say something like “I’m going to rob a bank because I’m out of Benadryl”… someone might call the authorities.


Dean Moberly

Personal Assistant to Al Roker


One thought on “So long Jimmy…

  1. Mary Metheney

    I take some pride in my ability to read between the lines. I found nothing to panic over in your recent posts. The vivid description of Jimmy Legs helps me understand and empathize, nothing more.Xoxo


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